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"We can all be artists with our voices, here and now ... just by opening our ears and mouths."

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The Gift of Song

The Gift of Song – This small book, published in 2020 by GIA Publications, contains a series of thought-provoking essays in which Alice provides insights into her belief that “Song is a gift given to all human beings who have ears and a voice,” and her discoveries and methods as she developed her signature community Sings.

Alice Parker Fund

Many, many thanks to our contributors who supported our matching fund drive for the Alice Parker Fund established by Chorus America in October, 2020, “to support the composition and thoughtful presentation of choral music based in the traditions of Black and Latinx communities, which have so deeply inspired Alice Parker's work.“ With the matching gift from Melodious Accord, we met our goal of establishing a balance of $50,000 in the Fund, which will provide funds for an annual grant to a composer or choral group.