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Advanced Study with Alice Parker


Note: These in-person study opportunities are not available for the duration of the pandemic.

Seminars offer an opportunity for individual or small group study with Alice Parker. To set up a Seminar, the applicant discusses with Ms. Parker a possible date for 2-4 days of study, and the preferred focus: composition, conducting, score study, song leading, church music, teaching, or another special interest. When the date is set, the applicant or Ms. Parker may add students to that Seminar; four is an optimal class size.


Seminars meet for three hours daily, usually at Ms. Parker's home in Hawley, Massachusetts.  Fees will be set as groups are formed.  Meals are not included; information about nearby housing is available on request.  


Score Study


Due to the pandemic, we will not be holding this program in NYC as usual in 2021. We are offering a remote alternative: Exploring Melody with Alice Parker, in three sessions on January 18-20, 2021.

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